ShivNext Dal

  • Chana Dal

    Chana Dal is unbelievably zesty and delicious. It is our evergreen product liked by a majority of the people. Our variety of chana dal is the perfect mix of well-chosen Bengal Gram, Peanut Oil, Pulse, Salt, Spices & condiments and Citric Acid. It is a treat that leaves a burst of peppery flavour in the mouth. Moreover, it is free from cholesterol and hence harmless to your body.

  • Mung Dal

    A crackling hit of salt with a bit of crunch and oodles of health and nutrition, mung dal is the mild mood refresher. This preparation is mood-enhancing and a good option at any time of the day. High-quality mung dal is chosen. It then goes through stringent quality testing. After that, it passes through advanced processing in our ultra-modern plant. Choicest ingredients are added to make a balanced taste.

  • Spinach Dal

    A healthy twist to an all-time favourite snack is spinach dal. Spinach contains many nutrients that make this preparation healthy as well and you can snack on it without any guilt! Keeping high quality and hygiene standards, we choose the best ingredients which go through food processing in ultra-modern machinery. The outcome leaves you salivating uncontrollably.