ShivNext Chavana

  • Mix Chavana

    This fantastic farsan is a mix of several crispy snacks that are well suited for teatime! ShivNext Mix Chana includes only the finest ingredients. It undergoes an elaborate process that gives it an unbelievable taste. Like all our snacks, this is also free from cholesterol. It will leave a tingling taste in your mouth while you can't stop yourself from having more.

  • Punjabi Mix

    A roller coaster of the sweet, spicy, and sour experience, our Punjabi Mix is a huge hit. It is prepared using the latest technology that maintains the perfect taste. The items that go into the making are carefully prepared to maintain the highest quality standard. What is more, it is free from cholesterol.

  • Mix Kathol

    High in protein, people of all age groups love to devour this snack whenever troubled by hunger pangs. The ingredients of this yummy snack undergo thorough scrutiny. They then are treated by the latest technology processing at our ultra-modern manufacturing unit. The right touch of spices makes this snack finger-licking awesome. Like all our products, Mix Kathol comes with the added advantage of being free from cholesterol.

  • Navrtana Chavana

    It is a delicious amalgamation of equally mouthwatering ingredients. The snack tastes heavenly and is a good evening food. We make sure the proportion of each ingredient is balanced to maintain the traditional taste of this amazing chavana. Furthermore, we are very selective about the ingredients to ensure the perfect base for the snack. It is also free from cholesterol.

  • Khatta Meetha

    Sweet & Sour mixture of gram flour noodles, lentils peanuts, rice flakes, sago pearls & peas.