The Growing Importance of Finger-Licking Indian Snacks in Parties

As for how India is known for its incredible architecture, it is even distinguished worldwide for its authentic cuisine and spices. If speaking about Indian snacks and sweets, wherever you go and travel around the world, you can witness the people’s love for snacks and sweets that come with different varieties. In short, Indian snacks and sweets stand out in comparison as it has been derived from different local traditions and cultures in the country. Moreover, it holds a special place in everyone’s heart and there is never-ending love for Indian snacks and sweets.

Indian foods and snacks are made with vibrant spices and fresh herbs and come with a wide variety of rich flavours. Their preparation is based on the ingredients whose flavours don’t overlap with each other and never fails to give a unique taste. 


Why Indian snacks are so popular?


The popularity of Indian snacks is indeed increasing day by day. People all over the world love munching Indian snacks even at parties as they very much enjoy its spicy, flavourful and aromatic taste. In many parts of different countries, people are greatly passionate about Indian cuisine.

There are certain reasons why Indian snacks make it favourite for the food lovers and here are certain points that will tell the reasons.

  1. Excellent flavour
  2. Many choices
  3. Healthy dishes
  4. No preservatives added


Indian snacks and birthday parties


Parties are fun, especially the birthday parties. But the parties also come with a lot of work from decorating the place to buying return gifts and many. Moreover, it is a challenging drill and there is no doubt in it. Just stop looking at preparing for a party as a chore and instead think of it as a fun activity so that you can enjoy it a lot. 

Especially when it comes to the snacks, it is quite interesting to decide the menu for the kids and the elders. Kids love eating unique kinds of stuff and elders will look for more healthy dishes. In such a case, the Indian snacks are the best for the birthday party. When it is snacks for birthday party, there are a lot of varieties in Indian snacks and each comes with its unique taste.

The Indian snacks and sweets not only taste good but also will give a visual treat and will be quite surprising for most of the kids. Only when the food looks great, it tempts the people to taste and the taste will make them go for a second tasting.

Indian snacks for the party is a great choice and sweets like Bengali Sweets, Khoya Sweets, and Traditional Snacks and sweets are worth mentioning. Be it hot summer or bone clattering winter, Indian snacks and sweets are the best tasty food items that no one can resist. An Indian birthday party is always incomplete without the mouth-watering snacks and sweet dishes.


Mouth-watering Indian snacks that you must taste 


The moment we start buying or making an Indian snack, our taste buds send signals to the brain and will ask to go with it. Imagine life without snacks, life would be very boring without the crispy and tasty Indian snacks. Snacks are the main food items that every person will love eating for every occasion. Here on this page take a jalopy ride that shows you some Best Indian Snacks.

When it comes to the Indian snacks, you are your boss. This means that you can go with anything that you feel to have something crunchy and spicy like roasted grams and deep-fried peanuts. These Indian snacks are very nutritious and you can have them all for the birthday parties.


  • Almonds and Dried Fruits

The nuts and the dried fruits are very healthy and are a perishable snack mix. This can be liked by the people of all ages and is having a good balance of healthy fats and proteins. This can be an apt snack for all the occasions and it serves as the best snack for the parties. 


  • Roasted Grams

Chickpeas have great protein content and many other vitamins and minerals too. The roasted chickpeas are a good and healthy snack as they contain most of your body’s amino acids and their protein is considered to be higher in quality than the other beans.


  • Sev

Sev is a crunchy snack that is generally made with the besan, rice flour and with some spices like red chilli powder and cumin. After creating thick dough with all the products it is then fried deeply in the oil. This is then fried until it is puffed and becomes crispy. There are many different varieties of sev that you can get from different parts of India.


  • Boondi

Boondi comes as both sweet and savoury and the savoury version is made with a mixture of gram flour and rice flour combined with the spices like red chilli powder and the crushed curry leaves and some water to make it thick batter. This can be served in birthday parties along with the raita.


  • Deep-Fried Peanuts

This snack is one of the most popular and is the favourite as well as healthy snacks. This Indian snack is full, balanced and is rich in complex carbs, fibre and healthy fats. This has oats in it which can help lower cholesterol levels and even help in improving cardiovascular health.


  • Mix Grams

This Indian snack comes with a lot of proteins and nutritional varieties. All these grams as a mixture comes in this snack. With this, you can add salsa and a few drops of lemon to get a tangy flavour.


  • Moong Dal

Moong dal is an excellent snack for many parties. This also has a lot of good nutritious and healthy fats and fibre. This is the best dish that you can serve at birthday parties along with the mashed vegetables. This in whole becomes a very satisfying snack.


The bottom lines

The Indian snacks and sweets are the best treats that can be savoured at any time and for any occasions also. At a social gathering, the Indian snacks with a cup of tea can bring smiles on people’s faces. Make your party interesting by having an Indian snack platter ready.