9 Healthy Indian Snacks to Munch on this Cricket Season

One of the most successful and exciting cricket league is back. Yes,  it is the Indian Premier League! 


Munching on snacks and sipping on a chilled beer, without taking your eyes off the match is collectively an unusual thing to do. Yet, the common chip-and-dip snack is very common & calorie gaining. With all that enthusiasm, nervousness, and impulsiveness, you require something more healthy and tasty to feed that enthusiasm. While many of us are going to be stuck to the screens or would be occupied biting nails bothering about the following ball, here’s a lineup of 9 Healthy & Popular Indian snacks to Munch on this Cricket Season while you sit down to relish & enjoy your beloved favourite sport.


1. Makhana


The exploration for a healthy & tasty replacement for junk and unhealthy snacks like chips and puffs never gets done. Gratefully, there is an excellent replacement or alternative in the form of makhana. For all those snack & health-conscious freaks, it is a low-calorie alternative that is abundant in several nutrients like protein, potassium, fiber, and minerals like magnesium, iron or zinc.

2. Chivda/Poha


Chivda or Poha, as it is often described, is a traditional base for numerous Indian dry snacks. You can Buy Dry Snacks online as well. Many of the Namkeen you get out there contain chivda as its principal or main ingredient. It is a healthful & nutritious meal that is generous in fibre and a great source of carbohydrate, iron, and quintessential vitamins.


3. Murmure/Puffed Rice


Similar to Poha, murmure or puffed rice is additionally a traditional base for various namkeen and mixture recipes that are available & ready out in the stores. They are light on the stomach and do for an excellent mid-day snack. This is the greatest instance of an immediate and healthy snack in India.


4. Spicy & Roasted Cashews

Spicy & Roasted cashews compose a highly nutritious snack. It comprises heart-healthy fats, as well as loaded vitamins & minerals. Also, those nuts are generous in antioxidants and zeaxanthin which are essential for our system to function. Great portions of lutein and zeaxanthin are incorporated with less risk of age-related problems. Mix uncooked cashews in olive oil, chili powder and ginger to make this pleasant treat during this IPL. Scatter them on a baking foil and cook in the oven at 325 – (165 ℃) for 10-15 mins. You can also get cashew nuts in shops and in digital stores. Only don’t overlook to choose varieties that use the least, natural ingredients.


5. Sev Puri


A merging of bhel and Pani puri makes a fusion that rocks during Cricket Season. Sev puri is the most marvelous snack made amazingly by the multiple sorts of chutneys and Crisp and Classic Indian Sev. Just take care, not to gag on the large puris in the thrill of supporting your team in the emotion of the match.


6. Almonds and Dried Fruits


Nuts and dried fruit do for a healthy, perishable snack mixture. This mixture combination has great stability of healthful fats and proteins from almonds and every three macronutrients from dried fruits. It works as the best Indian snacks for the party. What’s added, both snacks are stuffed with fibre that can assist to keep you full and occupied during the match.


7. Masale daar Corn


Simple & Mild to prepare and tasty, masala corn just needs cooked & steamed corn, butter, and seasonings. For a more savoury flavour, you can add chillies or to take out a zing in the corn, squeeze some lemon juice on it.


8. Masala Boondi


Masala Boondi is a tasty dip prepared from gram flour, lemon, onion and cilantro. It relishes great with capsicum or additional uncooked fresh vegetable slices. Additionally, you can also combine avocados which are great in monounsaturated oils which maintain healthy nourishing blood cholesterol levels and heart strength.


9. Moong Dal


Moong Dal is an outstanding, shelf-free snack. It contributes only 61 calories of fibre, 15 grams of carbs and 5% daily value (DV). The lentils are great in good fats and fibre. Sprinkle the crushed vegetables to make a pleasant, comforting, and satisfying snack. Make sure to watch for moong dal that is presented only with seasonings and flavours and do not include irrelevant elements or ingredients.



Relish this cricket season and the spirit of togetherness & affection with Shivnext’s tasty & healthy snacks. Don’t miss a chance to build memories of IPL – for when it gets over as it will soon get over and will become a memory, each one of these memories will give laughs and a soul full of joy. Keep an eye on your favourite team while enjoying the above-suggested snax!

Stay Safe! Happy Watching!



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