7 Best Indian Snacks That Will Make Your Life Better

India has an immense appetite for snacks, and they are known as Namkeen. 

Namkeen is cooked to a golden brown, and refreshments are never sipped without them, especially tea. When unannounced craving tings, then this can turn out to be your ready-to-go bite. From the most common ingredients like salt to the most prominent ones like methi (fenugreek), namkeen have each of them. 


There are more than 200 varieties of flavourings, so which ones to pick from? We will discuss the varieties of namkeen varying from particular kinds like bhujia to mix types like navratan mix and also the flavourings like plain salty to ultimate ones like achari. 


7 Bestest Namkeen in India You should Definitely Give it a Try!


We would love to elevate a little more by this best 7 list to get you your craved namkeen.


  1. Mung Dal

The Namkeen With Exceptional Worth for Money

Mung dal which is made from golden gram is recognised for its plainness and versatility. Because of its plain salty flavouring, it can be preferred by every age group whether it be kids, grown-ups, or the older generation. Moreover, it can go with anything like tea, cold drinks, juice, or some other hot drink.


This product has a highly nominal rate yet it appears with a ziplock, which indicates you can effortlessly open and reseal it repeatedly. It has been top on the listing of reviewers and attracts everyone with its flavour and quality.


  1. Navratan Mixture

One of the usual fascinating namkeen on the table, as it is made from a mix of seasonings. Because of its intense smacks of black pepper, black salt, dhania, mango powder, and more, this namkeen can be an ideal snack for birthday party so people looking for a crunchy munchy bite to have with a drink can purchase this.

Somebody with cholesterol problems can have this namkeen just once in seven days because it has palm oil which intensifies the cholesterol. 


  1. Roasted Chana

A Reasonable, Fresh, Natural and Light Snack

All those moms bothered about their kids snacking ways can have this as an every-time home munch because this product is unadulterated and made from organic components like natural seasonings, whole flour and spice.

Roasted Chana can also be known as an “All-Time pick” bite because it is great in fibre and packed with numerous fitness advantages. According to specialists, roasted chana, if eaten with its outer shell, can give a decent quantity of fibre and protein, so this munch is excellent for weight loss.


  1. Spicy Coated Nut Cracker

Lovely, Savoury Bite Fit for People With Cholesterol problems Also

Once in a while we all have that urge to Buy Best Indian Snacks Online and people with cholesterol normally have to give up in this situation but this nutcracker simply goes right. There are no trans-fat or synthetic colours and plus it’s cholesterol-free.


Drink lovers who love munching spicy while sipping can also add to their chakna list.


  1. Roasted Makhana

Classic snack while Navratri or fasting seasoned with black salt

during Navratri makhana is the excellent bite to have because of its wellness attributes, as they are wealthy in proteins. Makhana also works well with different recipes of Navratri like makhana kheer of makhana sabzi and countless more.


For fasting, great protein and moderate carb nutrition are recommended. This product is produced from black salt, those people who strive with bloating or acidosis can also relish this. 


  1. Dried fruits and Almonds 

Almonds and dried fruit are high for a great, healthy snack mixture. This filling combination has high stability of healthy fats and proteins from almonds. It acts as the most prominent Indian snacks for party. Both snacks are served with fibre that can help to keep you full in between meals.


  1. Gujarati Gathiya

Also identified as gathia and ghatiya are manufactured from sev. Lots of pepper, herbs and carom seeds are combined in this recipe, presenting it similar to Classic Indian Nylon Sev for Chaat. The gathiya yet has a puffier form, is somewhat crunchy, and light in weight. The flavouring is also lighter than regular sev.

Whether you prefer it crispy, spicy or tangy, and much more, these namkeen can generate remarkably yummy flavourings. Irrespective of the age, mild flavours have a common taste and are preferred by many. It is well said that chai time must be complemented with some gossip and namkeen. 


While watching a film or at home partying with mates, then the mood calls for tastes that are slightly tangy, slightly spicy, a little achari, or also a mixture of each of them. 

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