Ready To Eat Most Popular Packaged Snacks in India

30 June, 2021 By Jaydip Patel

In this revolutionary digital age, where the world is moving online, and people have access to almost everything and with ease. Be it any form of information, product, or any service they need, they can easily search for it online and avail the benefits. Online shopping is becoming very popular, because of the convenient nature […]

7 Best Indian Snacks That Will Make Your Life Better

18 June, 2021 By Jaydip Patel

India has an immense appetite for snacks, and they are known as Namkeen.  Namkeen is cooked to a golden brown, and refreshments are never sipped without them, especially tea. When unannounced craving tings, then this can turn out to be your ready-to-go bite. From the most common ingredients like salt to the most prominent ones […]

Taste The Best Indian Snacks From ShivNext to Attack On!

25 May, 2021 By Jaydip Patel

The delicious, mouth-watering and crispy ‘namkeen’ or flavoured snacks are regular basic items in Indian families. Indian flavoured bites have earned the support of worldwide consumers due to their different mix of luscious, flavoured, tangy and savoury flavourings. Those flavourings sometimes cause the sharpness of chillies, sometimes create the tanginess of lemon and sometimes induce […]

5 Reasons Why Snacking is Necessary for a Diet!

30 April, 2021 By Jaydip Patel

Even if snacking has happened to have a “bad image”, snacks can be an essential portion of your healthy diet. They can store energy in the center of the day or when you work out. Healthy Indian Snack among meals can also reduce your craving and prevent you from overeating during the meal. Snacking gets […]

9 Healthy Indian Snacks to Munch on this Cricket Season

23 April, 2021 By Jaydip Patel

One of the most successful and exciting cricket league is back. Yes,  it is the Indian Premier League!    Munching on snacks and sipping on a chilled beer, without taking your eyes off the match is collectively an unusual thing to do. Yet, the common chip-and-dip snack is very common & calorie gaining. With all […]

4 Quick and Healthy Indian Snacks You Should Try!

31 March, 2021 By Jaydip Patel

Food and hunger always work hand in hand. To satisfy food cravings, to grasp that very necessary bite in the center of stressful activity, to rest and recline after a tough day’s task with any evening snacks, we look for easily prepared, savory choices. All these drive us towards choosing up oily snacks that do […]

5 Healthy Indian Snacks You Can Have When Hunger Strikes!

26 March, 2021 By Jaydip Patel

If you tend to get starving within meals and end up consuming all the junk food, here are five healthier options. Take these alternatives with you to munch on when you are hungry.     Roasted Chana Dal. Roasted Chana Dal is a snack that is great in protein, fiber, and various minerals. half cup […]

Reasons Why You Have To Stick To The Healthy Indian Snack Options

25 February, 2021 By Jaydip Patel

Be it working from the office or home, sudden hunger pangs. Boredom hunger is also quite common, which often pushes you into a dilemma: should you eat or not?   Most nutritionists and experts agree that the snacking options are equally important to the meal that you usually take. But there are certain things you will […]

List Of Things To Consider To Buy Indian Snacks Online

22 February, 2021 By Jaydip Patel

Only now, the entire world is slowly returning from the pandemic. It is the challenging period that has drastically changed certain things. Significantly, the online industry helps us to conveniently order the foods and have a tasty snack time. When it comes to the Best Indian snacks, it is popular in several parts of the […]

The Growing Importance of Finger-Licking Indian Snacks in Parties

3 February, 2021 By Jaydip Patel

As for how India is known for its incredible architecture, it is even distinguished worldwide for its authentic cuisine and spices. If speaking about Indian snacks and sweets, wherever you go and travel around the world, you can witness the people’s love for snacks and sweets that come with different varieties. In short, Indian snacks […]