About Us

The belief at the heart of ShivNext is to manufacture healthy snacks which become tastier & more nutritious alternatives to traditional snacks and savouries available in the market. This voyage of growth and learning started in 2002 in the city of Naroda in Gujarat. Like most successful self-made enterprises, we had a humble beginning. The first plant had the capacity of just manufacturing 5 tons per month. With persistent efforts we grew and in 2017, a mega plant was established with a monthly capacity of 130 tons. It made wafers, fryums & other savouries. The location chosen for this was Majra zilla in Sabarkantha.

ShivNext boasts of 60+ varieties of wafers, fryums & other savouries. In order to grow rapidly and fulfil the increasing demand of consumers for ShivNext snacks, we have set up an ultra-modern plant with semi-automatic as well as automatic machinery, for instance, fryer, batch packing & batch coding among others. This next-gen manufacturing unit is spread over 5000 sq ft. We have an ambitious, industrious, diligent and passionate team of 60 employees with a transport arrangement for them. But we don't rest on our laurels. We have the hunger to extend our clientele rapidly and cater to the lucrative international market. To push ourselves, we have set a steep target of achieving a working capacity of 250 ton per month.

The Founder

Jaydip is a Software Engineer and a self-made man who started his illustrious career 15 years ago. Ever since he stepped into the professional field, he realized his true calling lay in being the master of his destiny. He had an inclination towards varied businesses like Financial & Security Services, Real Estate and Infrastructure. His passion & austere work ethic saw him swiftly gain success. One achievement soon led to another. He is also the Founder and CEO of the IDHS Group which deals in Healthcare & Diagnostic Services. In addition, he has also established Bridging Islands Infra Private Limited, an infrastructure company.

But above all, he is a man on a mission. Never satisfied with the status quo, he observed that traditional snacks were poor in nutrition. He wanted to come up with a range of savouries which allow people to snack on them without any guilt of consuming too many calories. He used innovative thinking and brought pragmatic solutions. ShivNext , a unique food corporation, is his brainchild and he has his eyes set on making it a benchmark of taste & quality.


Achieve working capacity of 250 tons per month.

Establish ourselves as the better option for traditional indian snacks across the world.

Keep evolving in our efforts to manufacture the cholesterol and gluten free highest quality products.


To offer world class healthy snacks as an alternative to traditional snacks across the globe.