About us

The idea of SHIV NEXT started in our home kitchen. We remain inspired by freshness and an strange ability to spot the best ingredients. At SHIV NEXT our commitment to good and wholesome food takes us on a vast journey across cookbooks and old-fashioned recipes that keep safe nutrition without compromising taste.

At SHIV NEXT the fact that we get our staples right from the source because they are made right here in India. However, you will definitely love the most is that the SHIV NEXT range of products are easy to use and full of nutrition.

At SHIV NEXT we always believe that the good we eat shall be preserved in natural way so that goodness and nutrients must remain the way it is meant to be eaten today. With our wide varieties of Namkeens, Roasted Snacks, Bakery Products, Mouth Freshners, Khakhra, Dry Fruits, Flours.. we are committed to serving you a truly amazing array that makes every meal nutritious. It is about going back to the basics. After all, Nutrition is our only tradition.

In today's times, we live in a truly global world, where boundaries are reducing and we love to experiment and experience various cuisines and hence we have included many different flavours to our palate.

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